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A leading institute in Noida successfully catering to the demands of IELTS aspirants.  

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Learn Well | IELTS coaching | Noida is an established institute in Noida. The institute has a proven track record of consistently delivering desired results when it comes to IELTS Academic exam as well as IELTS General Training exam.

Top IELTS coaching in Noida

Learn Well | IELTS coaching | Noida is a well known brand name in Noida in the field of IELTS training. The institute has a highly flexible and custom made training mechanism for ensuring desired performance of the student in the IELTS exam.

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Testimonials / Reviews

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dalwinder Kaur, Jalandhar (Punjab) : Hi All…Learn Well Academy is the best place for preparation of IELTS exam..I joined the academy just 10 days before my exam..And I got 7.5 band overall with 9 bands in Reading module. Many thanks to Ankur Sharma sir for his way of teaching and dedication with which he teaches. I highly recommend this institute for IELTS preparation.

Lekha Gupta (Ghaziabad, UP) : Hi All! Greetings for the day! I took IELTS training from learn well academy located in Noida and can really recommend it to everyone who desire to attain more than 7 score band in IELTS. The teaching methodology is great as you will be able to practice the IELTS sample papers in class. Therefore , you will have an environment same as examination hall and will also have discussions on the doubts you may come across. Wish you all the very best for IELTS!!

Parth Vashisht (Noida) : Hi Folks,
I did my IELTS academics coaching at Learn Well Training Academy. I only had 15days time to get required band for my PhD admission and within 15days I got what I want. Ankur sir is really good and has heaps of vocabulary. That institute is not only good in English but also other kind of coaching too. I would recommend to any standard of student to take the trial class, there is no fee to take trial class and after that if you feel comfortable then only you need to continue. If not, that is unlikely to happen, then there is no need to continue. If you want to know more about that institute then ping me anytime on +64226946196 🙂

​​Nihal Chaturvedi (Noida Sector-44) : Dear IELTS aspirants, my greetings to you all. A good friend of mine suggested me to go to Learn Well Training Academy for the purpose of IELTS preparation. I found the institute to be really good for the purpose of IELTS training in Noida. I also went to some other institutes in Noida and finally joined Learn Well Training Academy after attending one IELTS class for which there is no charge. The institute stresses on the importance of attempting full length sample papers which enables the aspirant to perform well in the real IELTS exam. I am happy to have scored 7 Band in IELTS thanks to my IELTS coaching at Learn Well Training Academy in Noida Sector 18.

Anita Gupta (Noida Sector-19) : Hi !! … My greetings to all IELTS aspirants in Noida. I studied at Learn Well Training Academy Noida in order to prepare for my IELTS exam. When I joined the Institute I did not have much time for IELTS preparation and also I was working in an MNC alongside. I really appreciate the flexibility in class timings given to me by Mr. Ankur Sharma, the Owner cum IELTS trainer at the institute. I did a good number of sample papers to prepare well for IELTS. Thanks to Learn Well Training Academy, I have been able to score well in IELTS. My recommendation to IELTS aspirants in Noida is to go ahead and attend one IELTS class at the institute as there is no charge for the same. If after attending the class you feel that it’s the right place for you to prepare well for IELTS (which most probably you would), then go ahead and join Learn Well Training Academy for IELTS exam coaching in Noida.

Shikha Rawat (Noida Sector-15) : I took IELTS coaching from Learn Well Training Academy Noida. I was required to score 7 band in IELTS General Training and, thanks to training by Ankur Sharma Sir, I was able to score the required 7 band in IELTS. The aspirants attempt IELTS sample papers in every class and are made to understand anything they are not able to understand. Doing sample papers in every class helped me alot in gaining the confidence to successfuly attempt different kind of questions in IELTS. I am thankful to Learn Well Training Academy Noida for enabling me to score the required 7 band in IELTS.

​​​Aaron Abraham (Kerala) : Hi all, its Aaron here, I took IELTS training at LEARN WELL TRAINING ACADEMY. Overall the outcome was refreshing and inspiring. It reinforced my overall development as a person and the experience definitely is going to be a corner stone of my dream career because LEARN WELL TRAINING ACADEMY has developed my skills in English language speaking and has enabled me to confidently compete with students hailing from different walks of life. In the end I would like to say that LEARN WELL TRAINING ACADEMY Noida is a good institute for IELTS Training

​​​​Anve Antony (Kerala) : The main differentiating factor which makes the Learn Well Training Academy Noida from others is its flexible class timings. More often than not it is decided by the student. The ambiance in the class room is good and peaceful. The class and correction were done in a interactive manner. So that the mistakes are not repeated again. After the first 3 classes my anguish about the IELTS exam was gone and now I am confident to face the IELTS exam. I would recommend Learn Well Training Academy for IELTS coaching in NOIDA to every aspirant.

Nikita Chauhan (Noida Sector-19) : Learn Well Training Academy is the Best Personality Development Training Institute in Noida. The institute focuses on all the important aspects of Personality Development, such as English Language, Body Language, Public Speaking, Group Discussions skills, Interview skills etc. The thing which differentiates Learn Well Training Academy from the other Institutes is the fact that the Owner Mr. Ankur Sharma himself is the Trainer who takes all the classes. An Aspirant is not limited to a fixed batch because of a great amount of flexibility which is given to the Aspirant with respect to batch timings as one can come at different available batch timings to learn more and more. I must say that different sessions which I attended have enriched many aspects of my Personality and now I am much more confident in different situations. I recommend Learn Well Training Academy to all the aspirants who want to improve their Personality as it has the Best Personality Development Classes in Noida.

​​​Ramesh Aggarwal (Noida Extension) : Learn Well Training Academy is the best IELTS coaching centre in Noida. The training methodology is very effective. I did the IELTS training course from the institute. I found the IELTS training classes at Learn Well Training Academy to be the best in Noida. Unlike other institutes, an Aspirant is free to attend initial classes free of charge and once he is satisfied with the training only then fees is required to be paid. Thanks to the training, I have been able to score well in IELTS. In the end I want to say that Learn Well Training Academy is the Best for IELTS coaching in Noida.

Mohit Bhalla (Noida City Centre): I underwent IELTS training at the institute. Learn Well Training Academy is the best institute for IELTS coaching in Noida. The training approach adopted by the Faculty cum Director of the Institute Mr. Ankur Sharma is very dynamic and effective. I must say that this institute is the Best for IELTS training in Noida.

Vicky Vishwas: Learn Well Training Academy is a place where we can improve our English beyond our imagination. It is the institute where we can enhance our ability of speaking English. We can learn English in different-different ways. It is the place where we get to know our capability of speaking in English.

Abhishek Chauhan (Noida Atta Market): Learn Well English Academy is the Best Spoken English Institute in Noida. This is the Best English coaching centre in Noida. A good friend of mine recommended this institute to me. I found the environment in the institute very conducive for learning. The aspirants are trained on every aspect of English language i.e Body Language, Vocabulary etc. I highly recommend this institute to every English Language learning aspirant in Noida.

Priyanka Bhatia (Noida Sector-25): Learn Well English Academy is the Best Spoken English Institute and the Best Personality Development Institute in Noida. I have been able to improve my English Speaking ability a lot during the course duration, thanks to a very practical training methodology adopted by the Trainer cum Owner of the Institute Mr. Ankur Sharma. I highly recommend this institute to all the aspirants who want to improve their English Language and develop their Personality.

Sonali Bhardwaj (Noida Sector-27): The Institute provides best English speaking classes in Noida. I joined the institute for Personality Development Training in Noida. Thanks to the training, now I am able to speak English confidently. My Public speaking skills have improved a lot. I grade the institute to be the best institute for Public Speaking in Noida and the best institute for Personality development in Noida.

Shastivel SV (Chennai): The classes here are very helpful in improving our language skills and Mr. Ankur is an excellent teacher . Moreover the one to one classes are awesome giving us the opportunity to ask any question without any hesitation. He provides us with a good amount of material. The classes are always timed according our convenience only and this make you feel a lot better. He always keeps us engaged in the class inspite of his busy schedule.
Thank you sir, for all the help you have given me which made me excel in Exam.

Huma Khan: I wrote my IELTS exam on 3rd of March and scored over all 7.5 band ,all thanks to Mr.Ankur.i was preparing myself for the exam for a while until a friend of ours gave us a reference of Learnwell and I decided to go for it.Firstly,owing to the flexibility in terms of timings it’s very convenient and individual one on one classes(no batches) just caters to one’s weaknesses and urgent attention areas.learning about where we are comitting mistakes n how to avoid those in order to score well is the key point. With the help of authentic study material provided and solving authentic past examination papers gives you a real time experience of exam . I would highly recommend Learnwell!!!

I was referred LEARN WELL by a Senior Peer of Mine who has a good feedback on the Institute which made me to call and visit the place.
The place initially looks at not a good location from outside but it is to be remembered that it about learning and not the area that its located in. When you climb up and enter the class setup, you would find it to be quite neat and well maintained.
The inside class has been tried to be made sound proof but its not a complete success. However, it serves the purpose to a large extent. While there are flexible packages offered as per your requirement but It is advised that you inquire about the extent of flexibility possible. Having said that, it is also worth mentioning that I feel Mr. Ankur (Owner & Trainer) is moderately accommodating.
Ankur is a jovial personality and tries all possibilities to make the conversation more interactive. Sessions are largely personalized and completely one to one for feedback sessions. He also gives you insights on trends, scenarios etc of IELTS exams and test centers. He is quite good in observing and providing feedback to help you improve.
​I would rate the following on a scale of 10:

  1. Location: 5
  2. Travel Convenience: 7
  3. Infrastructure: 9
  4. Cost of classes and Flexibility: 8
  5. Training Methodology: 8
  6. Trainer: 9
  7. Collaboration, Relationship & Experience: 8
  8. Results (Individual Experience): 7
    I hope that it would be helpful to all Aspirants.

Dr. Gaurav Agarwal: It was a wonderful experience with ANKUR SIR during my IELTS Preparation.I have joined learn well academy after going through a lot of positive review about Ankur sir on his Google page. Subsequently when I joined the IELTS course I did not know much about it but he has given me various ideas as well as a good vocabulary to improve my efficiency in different sections of exam.
The best part of his teaching is the individual interactive classes along with focus on the problems we have faced during our test attempt.
Last but not the least I can say he has a very good command over English and if u want to clear your IELTS with a desirable band just join him and at the end of your preparation u will get your dream results. ACADEMIC IELTS BAND -7 .5

Manmeet Kaur: Highly recommended institute for IELTS due to experienced teacher and flexibility of classes. Mr Ankur – A Great Teacher!!! I can’t thank him enough for all the help he gave me in providing me time for coaching in odd hours. He is good experienced and vastly knowledgable person. He being a good teacher is also a keen learner. It was with his help that I gained enough confidence and worked hard and scored overall band 7.5. Individually I scored Listening – 8 , writing -7.5 , reading – 7.5 and
speaking -7.
Thank you for your help and support

Lakshay Sharma: Hard work, perseverance and patience along with proper channelisation of knowledge is required to score exceptionally well in IELTS. Ankur sir makes the aspirant familiar with the area which needs to be improved. Time is the main constraint in the exam so to manage it accordingly he gives best tips and tricks. He would never leave a flaw till the time it is improved. For best preparation in short time Learn Well is highly recommended !!

Shubham Pradeep: Thank You
Mr. Ankur Sharma sir for making
my future.
It’s only because of his hard work and proper guidance i was able to score 7 bands overall in my ielts exam.
Earlier I was finding difficulty in speaking module and was not at all fluent.But due to sir’s continuous efforts and motivation I scored 7 band in speaking module.
I would strongly recommend everyone to join LEARNWELL INSTITUTE if you are preparing for IELTS exam.
Moreover,teaching is one to one interaction and you can attend classes whenever you want which is hardly seen nowadays in any other IELTS institutes.
Therefore,if you are thinking of joining any IELTS institute ‘LEARNWELL’ should be your first preference.

Asham Raj Singh: I went to this institute for writing preparation, it was a delightful experience. The trainer is highly professional and cooperative. The flexi time option is an icing on the cake and the method of teaching (individual attention) is just excellent. I was fortunate to have found this place. All in all it was a splendid experience and I highly recommend this institute to all my friends whosoever is preparing for IELTS.

Ayushi Dhiman: Journey to success requires lots of hard work ,perseverance and patience esp. when one is doing job simultaneously.
At times I also found it hard to cope with the pressure but I am indebted to Learn Well Training Academy and esp. Ankur Sir for
their inspirational and motivational support for helping me in achieving my goal of passing ielts with required band.

Harish Reddy: I would definitely recommend this institute for IELTS. Mr. Ankur has a good hold in his subject. The most important thing that helped me the most was his flexibility in timing along with my job. His guidance was of tremendous help to me for my IELTS . I took this class almost a year ago from now, and today I live abroad, never had the time to post my review. Thanks Mr.Ankur for ur help . All the best…!

Nikita Malhotra: The academy is the best example of ,”don’t judge the book by its cover”. I did my one month training program for Academics through IDP. Studying was never so easy before. Ankur sir definitely have great command over the subject. I was poor in speaking but current situation is way better and the amount attention he devotes to each student is commendable. In addition to that, students have the freedom to select the time they want to report for classes which also helps in managing schedules. Study material provided is also Up-to-date. I will surely Refer my friends to get lessons from this particular place.

Swati Kakkar: Learn Well Academy is the best academy according to me for one to learn and prepare for IELTS examination. With regards to the tutor Mr. Ankur is a very energetic and enthusiastic supporter. As a teacher he is very good in knowledge of the subjects and has the charisma to motivate his students into a positive attitude for the exam.

Nikita Gupta: Ankur Sir is really the best teacher one can find for IELTS coaching. He offers personalised learning based on individual requirement. The class is not in batches but in solitude. He provides extra material and clears all queries slowly and methodically and provides the perfect polishing and encouragement needed to ace the IELTS.

Prashant Mathur: The reason which has prompted me to write this review is that after take just few classes from learn well my IELTS score got significantly improved. The trainer Mr. Ankur Sharma really helped me to improve my writing skills. He gave me some helpful tips and I tried to incorporate them in my essay and letters. It’s worth mentioning that here students get individual attention and not like other institutes where pupils attend classes in mass.
I highly recommend this institute to all the IELTS exam aspirants.
Thank you once again Learnwell

Sumit Patidar: Thanks Ankur sir for the flexible timings which allows me to study along with my job.
On top of that, your approach towards my weakness makes me achieve my goal to study Australia.
I will personay recommend you to everyone.

Sanampreet Kaur: The best institute for Ielts preparation. The teacher gives personal attention to each student and even the timings are flexible as each student is given separate time for class. The guidance provided here is really helpful in achieving the target score of 8 bands. My iELTS Score was 8 overall with 8.5 in listening, 8 in writing, 7.5 in reading and 7.5 in speaking.

Rosebir Kaur: The experience with the academy was really good.Guidance in the right direction by Ankur helped to achieve the desired goal.Energetic ,flexible and supportive nature makes him unique from others.

Chetan Mehta: Ankur Sir has so much experience of teaching for IELTS and his pool of tricks just add stars in his teaching. Moreover, He teaches you like a friend.
I was expecting 6 or 6.5 band whereas I got 7.0 band because of his continuos efforts on me. He knew I can easily do it.
Teaching structure there is really great. One to one classes and flexibility with the timing helps you to learn without any type of pressure.

Mansi Dhawan: I would say that Learnwell is the best institute I can think of for IELTS preparation. I was an average speaker and writer but continuous efforts by Ankur Sir and the flexibility of timings which he always provided to me proved to be an added advantage. Finally I got 7.5 band overall, wherein I scored 7.5 in speaking, 7 in Writing, 8.5 in Listening and 7 in Reading. He always gives personal attention to every student in a friendly manner and with a lot of patience. The training material is so apt that one can always judge what exact exam would be like. He can give you an exact idea in the very first class that what your duration of preparation should be. All these features hence proves that he is a great mentor. Thank you Ankur Sir for always being there!!

Ashish Chakravarty: I had a short but excellent experience of IELTS Preparation with Mr. Ankur, I opted for 4 Full tests of L,R,W & S and let me tell you this was the game changer. Initially I was not comfortable in the practice tests however I started gaining confidence from the second one.
overall I completed my all practice tests in 6 days. The study material being provided was the one I focused upon entirely. I was ealier not sure about how much I could score although atlast my Scores are out today and I am extremely happy to declare the results
L – 7.0, R – 7.5, W – 7.5 and S – 7.5
All this happened due to the approach of this Institute, Mr. Ankur gave me time whenever I asked for in order to give me flexibility as per my preference. I am really thankful to him for his help and guidance…..Go For it….

Kamaldeep Kalra: You will get to know lot of tips and tricks which u need to follow in real exam. Best thing about training:
1) one to one classes
2) Really Flexible timings
3) Goal or skill oriented sessions
4) good setup :- Exact replica of real exam like audio and answer sheets etc
5) Good practise material:- dont trust listening material available on youtube they will take you no where. Trainer has some good practise material which you must go through.
Me, my wife and my brother we all have cleared IELTS in first attempt. Thanks learnwell

Ayushi Singh: One on one classes proved to be highly effective as they helped me in building up my confidence level along with increasing my knowledge of the language. As a result of which i was able to score 7.5 in my ielts exam. Since the classes are on individual basis, students can enjoy time flexibility and come at their convinience.

Naman Gupta: A very good place to prepare for IELTS. Mr. Ankur is very hard working and co-operative also. He helped me get a very good band of 8 in my ielts. The best part is that his approach is individualized he doesnot make batches but instead focuses on you only while teaching you so you can brush up your weak points and another advantage is that there is no time boundation, the class starts only when you reach there. Would highly recommend the academy for anyone whi seriously wants to prepare for IELTS.

Priyanka Sood: I got band 8 in Ielts with just 4 classes …..It was the guidance from Ankur sir how to be prompt and quick to answer the question and improve writing skills with use of connectors.thank you sir 😇

Manjot Kaur: Ankur sir guides you through your weaker points and daily analyzes the level you have achieved and gives you honest feedback and with constant effort , I was able to score 8 bands .

Shubham Tyagi: Scored 7.5(L-9 R-7 W-7 S-7) in IELTS.
More than a teacher Ankur sir has been an inspiration . He is the best teacher any student can get and one of the best thing about this institute is the time flexibility and one on one doubt session with Ankur sir.

Malvika Sharma (Noida Sector-62): My greetings to all Study Abroad Aspirants ! … When it comes to the Best IELTS institute in Delhi NCR, Learn Well Training Academy Noida is the one. Ankur Sharma Sir is the Best IELTS trainer. He is highly proficient in English language. The manner in which he trains the aspirants is immensely effective. As a result of his guidance I have been able to excel in IELTS exam. Scored 8 bands in IELTS. Thank You very much Ankur Sir !!

Prateek Rathor: I joined for academic module and with help of Ankur sir i was able to score well(7.5 band) in IELTS
The most significant aspects of Learn Well Training Academy are the time flexibility and the personal training as per your requirement. Ankur sir helped me in improving my vocabulary and build my self confidence during the course.
i would recommend it to everybody especially the ones who are currently doing a job. It’s the best place they can look for their ILETS coaching.

Rishabh Kejriwal: This is probably the best institute for IELTS coaching. Ankur sir has a great command over the language and knows very well how to make other person score marks in IELTS test. It was because of his expertise that I was able to score 8 band in the test with no less than 7 band individually. The one thing truly special about this center is its flexibility in class timings and the direct one to one interaction with the professor.

Angrej Singh: one of the best english institute with a very effective way of teaching methodology.i went there for ielts coaching and my experience there is truly amazing.ankur sir teach the right way to attempt the reading and listening section followed by a healthy discussion after doing the test to remove all the doubts regarding it.believe me he will not let you go until you are far as writing and speaking section are concerned he is the person with lot of experience and ankur sir makes the soulless words come alive.other features of this institute is that there is full transparency and timing is not a problem.ultimately if you want a right guidance for yourself regarding english course this is the right place.
as far as my ielts score is concerned i got 7.5 bands.

Gagan Malik: Ankur is doing a great job in helping students like us to score well in English exams. I approached him for academic module, and he readily helped me with everything. Time is never an issue here, plan your time slots with him. Thank you for all your help!

Srinath Nair: Ankur Sir helped me clear my IELTS Exam.
The plus point about this institute is it’s one to one class session and time flexibility.
I got to choose my classes as per my convenience as there is no batch system.
He has a great command over English and trains you well.

Rehan Khan: I enrolled for Ielts academic module of 16 classes. I was able to achieve the band of 7.5 . Where most institutes take group classes with less flexibility in timings, the option of flexible timings and one on one sessions goes a long way in improving your language skills.The option of trial classes also shows you the true picture. Apart from that Ankur sir has the gift of the gab needed for Ielts.I would highly recommend this institute to anyone looking for IELTS coaching

Deepakshi Gupta: The most appreciative point of Learn Well Training Academy is that it is very flexible in timings. The teacher, Ankur Sharma is brilliant and have the in depth knowledge of the English language and gives personal training according to your requirement, which was an important aspect for me. The course helped me in improving my vocabulary and build my self confidence. I achieved an overall band score of 7.5 in which I scored 9 in listening and 8 in reading. I would definitely go back if i would need any help in future.

Navrooz Singh Dhoot: The teaching method used by Ankur sir is amazing.You can choose to attend the classes at a time which suits you.
I joined the institute 25 days before my test and i got 7.5 overall
The thing that i liked the most is that your time will not be wasted by telling you the things which are unnecessary and you will invest your time in learning the tips and tricks that are required to score good bands.I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for quality classes.

Sugandha Sulhan: I really want to thanks Ankur sir a lot.he help me a lot in ielts. He is a good friend more than a teacher. He gaves personal training according to your requirement which was an important aspect for everyone to score good in exam. He helped me in improving my vocabulary and built my self confidence. I achevied an overall band is 7 in which I scored 7 in listening and writing and 6 in reading and 6.5 in speaking. I really appreciate his way of teaching tha way he help everyone. Moreover, Flexible timings and freedom to speak on anything 😉. You will love the manner the teacher teaches here. Thank you so much sir for ur kind nature.. for ur support and help .. thank you so much 😬🍫😎

Kamlesh Padmanathan: Mr. Ankur is really a very good teacher. Moreover, he understood what I wanted to convey him about my son and accordingly, he has trained my son. P. Ananth, my son, has cleared IELTS in 1st attempt, and whole credit goes to him only. He has good command over language. He knows very well the system of conducting exam and how he has to prepare his each student according to their temperament. He is more a friend to students than a teacher. Today, I am happy on my decision to send my son to Learn Well Training Academy. May God Bless him !
Mother of P. Ananth

Ramandeep Singh: Ankur knows which section to focus upon more and will guide you throughout your journey. The best thing is flexibility in timings which was the key reason for me to score .
Under the light of above mentioned experience I would strongly recommend Ankur for IELTS
Score LRWS-8778

Aman Chauhan: Hey fellas i did my ielts classes from learn well academy. I just did 15 days of classes and we made it till 7 bands. Thankx to the tutor (Ankur sir) who helped me through out in each section and made me capable of scoring good score. I really appreciate the efforts made my ankur sir and will definitely refer this institute for scoring good bands in short period of time. You’re doing great sir.

Arjun Singh Nigania: I took coaching from Ankur sir at Learnwell Training Academy.
He is an excellent teacher and gives worth full guidance for IELTS.
His excellent teaching techniques and guidance made me score a 8 band in the IELTS.
He polished my language skills through one to one sessions and provided plenty of study material to practice.
Its different from other coaching centers and i would recommend it to everybody.
Cheers !!

Ajay Sharma: Hi All…Learn Well Academy is the best academy for preparation of IELTS exam..I joined the academy just 30 days before my exam..and i was very weak in grammar, and then i worked hard. And I got 7 band overall with 8 bands in listening module. Many thanks to Ankur Sharma sir for his way of teaching and i really appreciate. I highly recommend this institute for IELTS preparation.

Vishal Chaudhary: I hold this opinion that learn well is the best academy and ankur sir is the best trainer for ielts preparation and due to his guidance I got overall 7 bands in IELTS and 7.5 bands in listening while 7 bands in reading writing and speaking. Thank you ankur sir !!

Namgey Zam: Hello Everybody, this is Namgay from Bhutan and I had the opportunity to prepare my IELTS under the guidance of Ankur Sir from ‘Learn Well Training Academy’. Mr. Ankur Sharma is a well- experienced trainer & he possess vast knowledge on the subject matter. Further, the institute also provide the privilege to decide the class timing at our own convenience. Hence, I would highly recommend ‘Learn Well Training Academy’ to all IELTS aspirants.

Anamika Verma: Thankyou soo much Ankur sir. I scored more than the desired band in my IELTS exam that is 7
Its all because of your person guidance and the flexibility you give with time
Along with that you look into the smallest thing regarding our vocabulary and spellings which gives a holistic improvement
Your knowledge is very vast and it helped me in improving my personality and self confidence

Tushar Chopra: Thanks Ankur bhaiya for your guidance and belief in me, you have always increased my confidence. I got my desired score in ielts . My overall score was 6.5 band . In writing and listening module I got 7 band . The coaching provided by him, along with the smart tips were extremely helpful . The positive attitude and dedication shown by him during the sessions has really motivated me.
According to my personal experience, I believe the best place in noida for IELTS coaching is Learn Well Training Academy. Thank you bhaiya for everything.😊✌

Shreya Shah: Very good center if you are average with your English skills. I joined it for a month and did 4 papers. Once I decided to apply for IELTS, I was going through the coaching centers in Noida and the first link I got was of Learn well training Academy. Ankur explained me the whole working of his Academy that I can do one trial session and if satisfied I can continue how many papers I want to do. He is transparent with his students and knows the whole exam structure very well. I got overall 7.5 with above 7 or 7 in each section. I would highly recommend this training center if you know your level well

S Vaishy: I have joined this institute for one month .It was a great experience for me.i have gained confidence while speaking English with anyone . The thing i admire more about this institute is that Ankur sir give an individual attention,flexible time and friendly environment.If anyone really want to develop his communication skills and want to be fluent in English then he/she must join this institute . Ankur sir will definitely gonna help you as he helped me.Thank You sir!

Sonia Gupta: Hi everyone.. This is for the very first time I am writing a review for any academy . Reason behind is that I really want to thank Ankur Sir for the help he provided. A day before my IELTS speaking test I called him for guidance and he gave me time from his busy schedule and guided me in right direction . After five days I had my other test and in five days of guidance he helped me in scoring band 7 … Really Happy and thankful that I got the right help at right time.

Pooja Verma: This is the best institute for IELTS training in Noida and helped me in getting 8 bands in all the sections in IELTS and the teacher Mr. Ankur Sharma is excellent in all terms and the way of his teaching is excellent. Furthermore, the benefit of adjustable timings is very important… Best institute in all terms.Wish good luck

Kritika Rastogi (Greater Noida): I had to take GMAT exam to do my MBA from a good university in the USA. I went to many institutes for the purpose of GMAT tuition classes in Noida. My search stopped at Learn Well Training Academy Noida. A detailed discussion with the Director cum Trainer Mr. Ankur Sharma and the initial two classes prompted me to join the institute for preparing for the GMAT exam. In the GMAT training sessions I was able to develop the necessary skills which ultimately helped me in scoring 690 in the GMAT exam. I recommend Learn Well Training Academy to the GMAT aspirants in Noida for its effective and quality training.

Tazeen Syed: I always had a wish to study abroad. So i made up my mind to go for ILETS, which initialy felt very easy but then i realised this is not that much easy task because of my hectic schedule. I needed the expert advise on this, it when i got to know about Mr. Ankur’s ” LEARN WELL ACADEMY”. I decided to join it, with his proper attention and my dedication. I succeed in the exam. I am very thankful to Mr. Ankur for his proper and personal attention to each and every student. Wish u lots of luck..

Rupal Arora (Noida Sector-62): I joined Learn Well Training Academy to prepare for the IELTS exam. I was searching for a good IELTS institute in Noida. My diligent search brought me to Learn Well Training Academy. I decided to go for this institute as I found it to be the best among the lot in Noida for IELTS coaching. I scored 7.5 band overall with 8 band in Listening, 8 band in Speaking and 7 Band each in Writing and Reading. The IELTS tips given to me by Mr. Ankur Sharma proved to be very valuable in the IELTS exam. Thank you very much Sir!!

Shikha Sareen (South Delhi Lajpat Nagar): Hiii !!! …. I attended the IELTS classes at Learn Well Training Academy Noida under the valuable guidance of Director cum Trainer Mr. Ankur Sharma. This is the Best institute in Delhi NCR for the preparation of IELTS exam. I have scored 8 band in Listening, 7.5 band in Speaking, 7 band in Reading and 7 band in Writing. I must say that Ankur Sharma Sir trained me well for the IELTS exam. Thank You very much Sir !!!

Satnam Singh: I would like to thank Ankur Sir for training me for my IELTS Exam. With rigorous training, i managed to get overall 7.5 bands. Many people think that getting a good score IELTS is a very easy task. I would like to say that if you don’t have any direction, then doing hardwork is of no use. Ankur Sir guided me with all the tips and tricks for the exam. Anyhow no one can make you learn anything, efforts should be applied from your end also. So if you are really looking for a perfect mentor for IELTS preparation, this academy is a right place for you

Geetika Khurana (Noida City Centre) : I went for Learn Well Training Academy Noida to get trained for the IELTS exam. I selected this institute for IELTS preparation after doing a due research on internet. The initial classes I attended at the institute further bolstered my faith in the institute and I completed my IELTS coaching from the institute. Ankur Sharma Sir is a very knowledgeable person and is very proficient in English language. He substantially improved my English language skills which enabled me to score 8 bands in IELTS. I endorse Learn Well Training Academy Noida for the Best IELTS exam coaching in Noida and Delhi NCR

Ishpreet Kaur: Ankur has a good command over English and knows how to polish your skills. I wanted a very high score in writing module in IELTS and I was very satisfied with the way Ankur coached me. He was very patient and taught me all the necessary skills to obtain a good score. I scored 7.5 in writing module and 8 above overall and I am very thankful to Learn Well for the same. His coaching style is powerful and he ensures that every class provides you unique learning. I feel his constant inputs improved my vocabulary big time. I would strongly recommend Ankur as a coach for everyone who wants to score very well in IELTS.

Shilpa Sharma: hiiiii this is shilpa. i have joined this institute for one month only and seriously it was a great experience for me.i have gained confidence in speaking english with anyone ,anytime and anywhere. it means alot to me.i must say that if anyone really want to develop his communication skills he must go and join this institution.The thing i want to admire most about this institute is personal attention and friendly environment. Ankur sir is very coooool and you will never feel uncomfortable and hesitation while speaking.

Tamanna: I had to take IELTS exam and had no clue how to begin with the preparation, so after checking out various academies in Noida , i joined Learn Well Academy.
Based on my experience i was immensely satisfied with classroom environment and teaching methods used by Mr. Ankur . Especially the time flexibility that he offers to each of his students is unmatched , since most of us have different requirements and schedules .
I had done 4 paper practice and successfully scored 8 bands (overall) in IELTS with 8.5 in listening and reading(each).
I am highly grateful to Mr. Ankur for putting in to help me achieve the desired result. thank you sir ….. 🙂

Nishu Jalotia: I joined Learn well academy in the mid february. You will not only nurture yourself but also feel motivated enough to bring a change in yourself. My experience here was great and my mentor Mr. Ankur Sharma was very supportive in the whole process of my learning. Giving a chance to improve yourself open many doors, if we look at a bigger picture and that very chance you can get here. If you feel the need to improve yourself, do join. 🙂
Thankyou Ankur Sir.


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